Streaming video in web application

May 12, 2017 Off By Manish Kumar

Recently one of our flash developer raised an concern that when he has uploaded a video (.mp4) it is not working properly means not buffering. It start playing only after successful loading of full video which is not right and it should load and play..load and play.

I analyze this and found that is it is a problem but how we can resolve this. I think it is a usual practice to display some video from website.

The configuration for streaming of video in any website from IIS server is as follows (according to my current analysis)

1. Download a “mod_h264_streaming.dll”.
2. Place it at any physical location on your server.
3. Go to IIS and add a new MIME type for .mp4 which is “video/mp4”.
4. Go to configuration (in home directly tab) and add a new extension for .mp4 and path of executable file would be your downloaded dll (step1).
5. Click apply and Ok.
6. Recycle application pool for your website.

Now when you will play the video, streaming will work.