After changing permalinks wordpress throwing 404 error

December 23, 2015 0 By Manish Kumar

I have created a site using wordpress and everything was working fine until I changed the permalink. Just after changing permalink, I start getting error 404 for almost all link.

After troubleshooting and surfing I came to know that this is a common problem which many people are getting in wordpress installation, so I thought I should post the steps to solve this problem. By the way I am using Wamp server to run wordpress on my windows machine(Windows 7).

Steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Open the httpd.conf file which is located at “C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.4.2\conf” (Root folder for wamp can differ, it is C drive in my case).
  2. Remove “#” sign from “#LoadModule include_module modules/” at line number 118.
  3. Replace “AllowOverride None” to “AllowOverride All” at all places (3 places at line number 223, 256 and 376).
  4. Restart the Apache server using Wamp control panel.
  5. Now check the links, every link will work fine.

Enjoy coding….